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(Updated as of 10/19/11)


The Chainlink was started in August 2008 by Leah Neaderthal as a place for Chicagoland bikers of all types to connect, find rides and routes, and share information. The Chainlink was created because even though Chicago is a big biking city, our community was fragmented, and there was no one resource that served the needs of bikers.

Our hope is that this site will allow bikers in Chicago and the region to connect with each other, explore the area through interesting rides and routes, find the resources they need, and most of all, bring a sense of community to Chicagoland biking. So join a ride, start a conversation on the forum or find a riding buddy - everything you do here will strengthen Chicagoland's biking community (we are now 7,300+ strong and webhits totalled 49,500+ hits a month summer of 2011)

The chainlink is very much a work in progress and we absolutely welcome your feedback. Please feel free to drop me a note with any comments and suggestions - you'll be helping the chainlink grow and better serve the community.


Thanks for being a part of biking in Chicago!


The Chainlink Community, LLC

Julie Hochstadter, Director

P.S. What are you waiting for?
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