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Stolen Bike Registry - do this when your bike gets stolen

"With all the stolen bike posts lately (and no one thinking "I wonder if there's something under Useful Links for this."), I think it's wel…

Started by Lee Diamond in Bikes and BicyclingLatest Reply

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Dedicated Winter Bike?

You got a dedicated winter bike? Why? I've got a fairly nice steel road bike - wondering about buying an cheap fixie or some such. Only thi…

Started by mweerd in Bikes and Bicycling

28 7 hours ago
Reply by V W

Got my first bike ticket, I feel so validated

10+ years of commuting, and I finally got one! Stop sign at Haussen, which is just south of Belmont on Milwaukee. I did my usual Idaho Sto…

Started by Madopal (16.5 mi) in Bikes and Bicycling

56 8 hours ago
Reply by V W

80% Divvy = Men. Women Bike Chicago Seeks to Change That DnaInfo story by Justin B…

Started by Tom A.K. in Bikes and Bicycling

11 9 hours ago
Reply by Tom A.K.

car starts to weave into your lane, you knock/bang to get their attention... they are a cop...

I saw a car stoped askew and a bicyclist down when I got to Desplanes and Washington this morning. I recognized the cyclist as someone whom…

Started by Ben Raines in Bikes and Bicycling

180 10 hours ago
Reply by Mike Schwab

Snow tires

I have used the Hakkapelliita W240 and used them a 26" commuter (since gifted to my nephew [the bike]). They worked well on pavement in up…

Started by Irvin Steinert in Bikes and Bicycling

11 10 hours ago
Reply by Skip Montanaro 12mi

Woman Insists She's a Bike, Sits on CTA Bus Rack (VIDEO)

In a video posted online, a woman sits on the rack of a stopped No. 44 Wallace-Racine bus and insists the bus should move because she is a…

Started by Gene Tenner in Bikes and Bicycling

7 10 hours ago
Reply by Jim Reho

Any good Audiobooks/Podcasts for the Holiday drive?

Can I go completely non-bike topic here? :)

Started by mweerd in General Discussion (not bike related)

2 13 hours ago
Reply by David Barish

Lake front path construction

I can't tell you why I was their. But what I can tell you is this. One of your fellow chainlinkers is making sure this gets done right. The…

Started by XndeX in Bikes and Bicycling

7 13 hours ago
Reply by Bob Kastigar

I rode today. Did you?

Nice first ride in the COLD.  

Started by in it to win it 8.0 mi in Bikes and Bicycling

7645 14 hours ago
Reply by Gene Tenner

First Snowfall on The 606 - Photos & Report Source: DnaInfo by Ali…

Started by Tom A.K. in Bikes and Bicycling

2 14 hours ago
Reply by David P.



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