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If you'd like to take your riding to the next level to do more challenging rides, join The Chainlink team. Having a group of people to ride with can make it more fun, challenging and supportive when participating in the following:

  • Metric Centuries, Centuries, Brevets, other long rides
  • Gravel Rides & Races
  • Mountain Biking
  • Touring and/or Bike Packing
  • Races - Road, Track, Criteriums
  • Races - Cyclocross (Cx)
  • Races - Mountain Biking

It's free to join The Chainlink team - there's no club membership fee to become a member. If you are interested in being a part of the club:

1. Fill out a brief application.

2. Purchase Chainlink cycling jerseys, bibs and/or shorts. We do a team custom kit order twice a year - we'll be opening up the order again soon for spring.

3. When you register with USAC for a license (required for racers), choose "The Chainlink" as your club/team. 

4. When you decide to be on the team, go ahead and join this Chainlink group for the team. 

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