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Welcome to The Chainlink's Professionals' Corner! In this on-going series, we'll feature local shop owners, mechanics, organizers and other cycling celebrities in the community. We hope you enjoy these glimpses into their lives and learning about what makes them tick. After you read their interviews, be sure to say hi!

We're on the lookout for more hidden gems of the community. If you have someone you'd like to nominate for a future Professional's Corner, email

8/1/12 - Loch Miwa, President of the Illinois Cycling Association


7/21/11 - Vanessa Schilling, Co-Founder, Spidermonkey Cycling Team


7/15/11 - Paolo Urizar, Co-Founder, The Bonebell


7/1/11 - Dr. Tom MacNeill- Zimmerman, Chiropractor, Coach and Racer, Today's Chiropractor and Yoga Wellness Center


6/24/11 - Lee Diamond, Historian, Tour Guide and Cycling Broker, Big Shoulders Realty


6/17/11 - Leah Neaderthal, Founder, The Chainlink


6/10/11 - Jim Redd, Early Organizer and Visionary, Chicago Critical Mass


6/2/11 - Randy Neufeld, Fund Director, SRAM Cycling


5/18/11 - Jeremy Lewno, Owner and Director of Operations, Bobby's Bike Hike


4/28/11 - Randy Warren, Coach, Warren Cycling and XxX-AthletiCO


4/21/11 - Jon Lind, Owner, J.C. Lind Bike Company


4/15/11 - Gin Kilgore, Bike Advocate


4/6/11 - Peter and Tiffany Barson, Co-Owners, Campbell Street Bicycle Shop


3/21/11 - Joey Feinstein, Founder and Executive Director, Climate Cycle


3/16/11 - Robert Layton, Ride Director, Bicycle Illinois


3/9/11 - Darren Knox, Mechanic and Instructor, The Recyclery Collective


3/2/11 - Ben Gomberg, Bicycle Program Coordinator, Chicago Department of Transportation


2/23/11 - John Greenfield, Writer


2/16/11 - Lesley Tweedie, Co-Owner, Roscoe Village Bikes


2/2/11 - Owen Lloyd, Co-Owner, Blue City Cycles

1/12/11 - James Freeman, Attorney at Law

12/3/10 - Anne Alt, President, Chicago Cycling Club

11/16/10 - Alexis Finch, Founder & Producer, TyK, LLC

10/21/10 - Kristen Meshberg, Owner, Pedaling With A Purpose

10/6/10 - Ron Burke, Executive Director, Active Transportation Alliance

9/22/10 - Brandon Elliot, Owner, Iron Cycles

9/8/10 - Kevin Womac, Owner, Boulevard Bikes

8/25/10 - Ed Barsotti, Executive Director, League of Illinois Bicyclists

8/10/10 - Alex Wilson, Founder and Director, West Town Bikes

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