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World Naked Bike Ride (and skate) Chicago

Welcome to the ChainLink group in support of Chicago's annual running of the World Naked Bike Ride: "Celebrating the end of the oil and the beauty of people."

The 11th annual ride will be the evening of Saturday June 14th 2014.
TheChainLink event posting / Facebook Group

The following is excerpted from (go there for much more info)

Interested in the amazing World Naked Bike Ride Chicago?
JOIN the mailing list right now!

World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) is an international clothing-optional bike (or other person powered) event where participants ride en masse for the dual purpose of bringing attention to people powered transport and promoting positive body image. For a great overview see WikiPedia.

The event is bare-as-you-dare; anything from body paint to underwear to fanciful costumes are encouraged. Due to legal restrictions in Chicago, full frontal nudity is at your own risk, but large numbers of participants do go all out. Large-scale body painting is typically available pre-ride, and personal expression is encouraged. Cyclists familiar with Critical Mass (which is massive in Chicago) can simply see this as a special clothing optional additional June mass.

Chicago's past events included many hundreds of cyclist and numerous inline skaters, and covered over a dozen miles of high visibility city areas. In 2008 the 5th annual event drew a staggering 1700 riders! Blessed by decent summer weather in a great cycling city, the event has grown into a fantastic rolling celebration, with similarities to other major alternative parades world-wide. Participants often describe it as a transcendent group experience, personally transforming, and beyond superlative.

This CL group is intended for unmoderated chatter and thread following. For announcements make sure to also join the mailing list at

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Started by Jera Sue May 23, 2012.

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Ever Done The Naked Ride?

Started by Jera Sue May 17, 2011.

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Comment by on April 9, 2014 at 10:00am

Great April 1st article from Active Transportation Alliance (Thanx Ron!)

Active Transportation Alliance announces plans to launch Skivvy bike sharing system

The Active Transportation Alliance today announced plans to launch a new summer-only bike share system called Skivvy. Drawing inspiration from the Divvy bike sharing system and the popular World Naked Bike Ride Chicago, the new Skivvy bike share system will be marketed to people who prefer to ride in their undies.

“The popularity of the annual naked bike ride demonstrates an untapped market for nudists and clothing-light aficionados, and we think a lot of other people would rather ride without a business suit or even Lycra bike shorts on a hot summer day,” said Active Transportation Alliance executive director Ron Burke. “Some people aren’t sure what to wear when biking, but you don’t need to worry about that with Skivvy.”

“Many people choose to ride bikes because of the sense of freedom it provides,” said Burke. “With our new Skivvy bike sharing system, riders will experience a whole new level of freedom -- no matter if they’re wearing boxers, briefs, bikinis, G-strings, lingerie or long johns.”

Skivvy docking stations will be equipped with dispensing systems for soft, washable seat covers that riders put on the bikes when they ride and toss into a receptacle when they reach their destination. Skivvy will wash and reuse the seat covers.

“Our research shows people love to share bikes, but not butt sweat,” said Burke.

Active Trans said it is in negotiations for locations to place its Skivvy docking stations, but is hopeful they will be in place before the first sweltering summer day.

Comment by on March 21, 2014 at 2:15pm

VOLUNTEER SIGNUP is NOW OPEN! WNBR-C is proud to announce our new online system. Just answer a few simple questions such as phone # and confirm your email to be added to the Support discussions.
There's a ToDo list, meeting schedule, t-shirt giveaway and much more.  Go see:

Comment by Andronymous on March 14, 2014 at 12:04pm

World Naked Bike Ride : Chicago - ONLINE GIFT SHOP! (beta)
Choose from hundreds of official naked ride art emblazoned items from t-shirts to undies, mugs to flasks, cuff links to yoga mats, flip flops to hats. Truly incredible, something for everyone!!! So buy yourself a special treasure to remember and the ride gets a great share of each sale.
This is NEW and untested. You may be the first order. Do tell us how it goes, purchasing experience, product quality, etc. Thanx!

Comment by Andronymous on March 14, 2014 at 12:00pm

I've added an "Art" page so we've finally got someplace for things like Steven Lane's awesome PSA memes, past logos, future drafts, etc.  Go see:

Comment by Andronymous on March 8, 2014 at 10:27am

World Naked Bike Ride Chicago mentioned in Thursdays's Colbert Report. At 7:51 in a feminism bit.

Comment by Andronymous on March 7, 2014 at 6:13pm

I've updated our flyers and posters and such for 2014. I also added the circle logo sticker and t-shirt transfer PDFs we use for any DIY folks out there. I used the newest gender neutral fanny pack character art. It's dense, put prints OK even in gray scale. 

I also updated the Press page with new release and more photos, and the about page to reflect recent changes.


Comment by Andronymous on March 6, 2014 at 12:32pm

World Naked Bike Ride Chicago is proud to announce that DONATIONS ARE NOW TAX DEDUCTIBLE!
We're partnered with Break The Gridlock (a Chicago NFP org promoting appropriate transportation) as our "fiscal agent" making our PayPal buttons and T-Shirt orders now go directly to a subaccount under their 501.c3, a step I recommend to any local cycling advocate groups and projects.
We've actually been a member org for at least a year, but only just now finished the bank account move. Finally the debit card is out of my hands. Internally this complicates things in that expenses must be documented and qualified for reimbursement, and all affairs are handled by BtG's treasurer and board. But I felt it important not just for the non-profit perk, but pursuant to transparency and trust to take myself off being the sole accounting contact.
So DONATE AWAY PLEASE! Or order T-Shirts. Details about the tax exempt status are online, or if you're donating big and really want a confirming letter, just ask.

Comment by Andronymous on September 26, 2013 at 9:28pm

I got interviewed about the naked ride on WGN radio yesterday by Scott Miller and Pete McMurray.  They were going for jokes about burning the seat and dangly bits, but I think we went pretty darn fun and positive.  A good ten minutes that's been called "Entertaining and informative!"

Comment by Andronymous on June 7, 2013 at 2:10am


For a decade we've shown the world how beautiful life is with less oil. Through wars and ecocides and climate change and costs, we show that peace and wellness, joy and freedom are just a pedal away. Oil culture is brain-washed slow suicide, and you're better than that. LIVE it, and spread the word.

Join us this Saturday in our tenth recommitment to START UTOPIA NOW! THIS IS THE YEAR YOU'LL DO IT! Bring great attitude and courage, your bike and shoes, waterbottle, money/id/phone/towel, etc.

Repeat riders, help others be safe and awesome. No being creepy, no littering, and save heavy drinking for after (or face huge new public urination fines).

Weather could be low 60s with chance of rain. Carry clothes on the ride, think stockings, fun scarf, cap/gloves just in case.

Unparalleled photog GlitterGuts will be on-scene Saturday!
Schuba's Bike Bash is beforehand:
Also the Bobby Cann memorial:


Keep yer pants on, check-in and gawking are yet to be announced.

World Naked Bike Ride Chicago / 10th annual!
Celebrating freedom from oil and the beauty of people.
Saturday June 8th 2013, 6pm gather 8pm ride.

Comment by Andronymous on June 4, 2013 at 4:44pm

I _______________________ do solemny vow to PROTEST OIL ADDICTION and to BEHAVE BEAUTIFULLY on the ride.

If you're coming by car or creepy or wasted or take pics or sell stuff, please spare yourself the hassle of our security and the police changing your life. But if you're SUPER DUPER nice and ONE with our cause, we may let you stick around after.

Important reading from

*** RULEZ ***

Celebrating freedom from oil and the beauty of people!
Less gas more ass! Burns fat not oil! Nude not crude!

DRUGS / BOOZE on the ride = arrest.

Sometimes bystanders get grabby :(
SHY? Stay towards center, out of reach.
CHIVALROUS? Guard our flanks.

Be prepared, stay alert, take care, help others.

Obey police and thank them for their help.
Goodies may target ticketing. Bare at your risk.
National Lawyers Guild monitors: 312-913-0039.

PARTICIPANTS must show Person-Powered Wheels.
FANS follow us on and

NO PHOTOS in our before/after space (xcpt auth'd)
Assume that you will be photographed on ride.

Arrive CLOTHED&SHOED and carry weather options.
NO GLASS! RECYCLE cans. Bring refillables.
OBEY security or be ejected.



*** BASICS ***

The TENTH World Naked Bike Ride (and skate) Chicago (WNBRCX) will be the evening of Saturday June 8th 2013 somewhere in Chicago IL.

*** BE CLEAR ON WHAT THIS ISN'T *** WNBR IS a people powered happening bringing radical attention against oil addiction; It's NOT primarily a naturist party. It IS a big fun ride for able area cyclists; It's NOT for the frail nor fliers/drivers. It IS an extreme free speech exercise trying to save the planet; It's NOT MardisGras. If you are distant or uncertain please read more details.

Location is not disclosed until days before based on experience to limit crowding of the creepy variety. Furthermore the announced location is only a check point where next directions are given to verifiable participants on bikes. If you plan to come just to look and hope to bluff your way in, make other plans.

Gathering is 6-8pm at undisclosed location. Body painting may be available, but line so long that coming pre-decorated is recommended. Read details. If you show up there without bike/skates, or with a camera, and say you didn't know or that someone said you could or feign language trouble, you will be laughed off premises.
Ride is about 8pm-11pm. Route is not announced in advance, and maps are not guaranteed. Expect to follow guides, assume round trip. You MUST be capable of over a dozen miles of chilly urban biking. Check your tires, pack minimally, bring water+snack, CardsCashPhoneKeys, etc.

Recommended viewing point(s) for fans and spectators: Suggested viewing points+times and the ride's progress live will be on and on ride day. Also on as @ChiNakedRide and #WNBRC
KEEP THE COURSE CLEAR!!! Wave and cheer and applaud from the sides and joy will be multiplied.

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