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Wheel & Sprocket Hiring Service Manager for New Evanston Store

Wheel & Sprocket, with six bike shops in Wisconsin, is opening their first store south of the border next month, on Davis Street in Evanston (where Ten 27 Cycles used to be).


Wheel & Sprocket is seeking to hire an experienced service manager for this location.  The right candidate will have several years of experience working on bikes professionally, managing a staff of half-a-dozen or so people, AND serving customers well and with enthusiasm.  The challenge will be to build and lead a high performance team of individuals working on every kind of bicycle from the highest level custom carbon and titanium bikes to mass market recreational bikes and everything in between.  We expect to build over 1,300 new bicycles yet this year.


Wheel & Sprocket is one of the largest bicycle dealers in the U.S. and one of the most decorated bicycle shops in the U.S.  Their stores are heavily involved in the cycling communities in which they do business - and the new store in Evanston will be no different.  This will be an opportunity to contribute your skills and talents to building a great operation with the support of the best organization in the industry.


Wheel & Sprocket seeks to build a diverse team of individuals in its Evanston store, so all qualified applicants are invited to apply, especially women, those of color, and others.  Please send your resume and expression of interest by E-mail to chris.mailing[at]  Do not call or stop by, as the Shop is not open, yet.

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sounds great!

+1 from a Milwaukee native. Best of luck!

Resume sent!

Make sure they'll let you host information sessions.

The classes I was doing already have a new home, look for an update on that in the near future.  Regardless of where I end up working there we be classes either there or at another location; I like doing them to much to stop over something as trivial as a job...

Tricolor said:

Make sure they'll let you host information sessions.



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