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West Side Residents: Tell Your Alderman You Support the Boulevard Bikeway!

West Side residents in wards 12, 24 and 28:

Your alderman needs to hear from you! New bikeways are popping up on the West Side, but continued aldermanic support is critical to our continued progress making streets safer for biking.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Your Alderman You Support the West Side Boulevard...

The City of Chicago is currently installing a 4.5-mile bikeway along the boulevard system on the West Side, stretching from Garfield Park to 24th Boulevard (see a map here) and including protected and bufferedbike lanes. This project is in its second month of construction and the end of construction season is rapidly approaching, but there's still more work to do!

Everyone should have the option to ride a bike on our neighborhood streets without fearing for their safety. Protected and buffered bike lanes make it safer and easier for anyone to use a bike to get around, whether you’re an 8-year old child or an 80-year-old grandmother.

Please tell your alderman “thank you” for supporting this important project and ask him to do whatever he can to ensure the new bikeway is completed before the end of 2012, so that it’s ready for the community to enjoy in 2013! Also encourage your alderman to bring more projects like this to your ward.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Your Alderman You Support the West Side Boulevard...

Thanks for making your voice heard!

Lee Crandell, Active Trans

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Are you aware of this problem with the installation of this bike lane?

Yes, we are, and we made sure CDOT staff were on it. It's our understanding Ald. Cardenas has been very supportive of this project and CDOT is meeting with him to work out some of the problems on Marshall.

- Lee Crandell, Active Trans

And will West Side drivers be using the "protected" lanes to park in like they do in Douglas Park?

Maybe this is off-topic, but is there any thought about infrastructure connecting the West Side with Oak Park?  The Bike Boulevard concept is basically a N-S route through the West Side.  The Lake Street protected bike lane ends at Garfield Blvd., the Jackson bike lane ends on the west side of the park, and the bike lane on Washington ends at Laramie.  During commuting hours, my unscientific observations tell me that most riders are passing through the West Side to get to the Loop or thereabouts.  Unfortunately most of the bike infrastructure simply ends with no connection to other routes. 

Once you're in Oak Park, there are bike lanes or other markings on some of the E-W thoroughfares (Division and Augusta), and I know that there are some plans to put Madison on a road diet and add a bike lane there.  That said, Oak Park's cycling infrastructure is half-assed at best--I believe there are no N-S bike routes--and I think that development of infrastructure on the far West Side might spur OP's traffic engineers to think in terms of coherence.

For me this is not a big deal, but I know it is for others.


This 'ask' is in regard to the lane that goes through Douglas Park.

globalguy said:

And will West Side drivers be using the "protected" lanes to park in like they do in Douglas Park?



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