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2017 Cycling Fatalities / Chicago - Currently: 4 +1 off-street (updated 11-1-17) RIP + . . .

2017 Cycling Fatalities / Chicago - Currently: 4 + 1 off-street (updated 11-1-17) RIP + . . .

Lisa Marie Schalk, 50, RIP  +  Ghost Bike Installation Sunday 11-19-17, 3PM 5750 s. Archer ave.

photo credit: Andrew Bedno

Was unable to enter (for whatever reason) Lisa Marie Scalk's Ghost Bike Installation as an event in the Chainlink event calendar. . . . (sigh!) . . . See You All Down The Road !  . . .


Farewell DnaInfo and thanks with best wishes to Alisa Hauser/reporter/Chainlink Community Member.

Early Wednesday morning 11-1-17, around 8am, Lisa Schalk, 50, was struck and killed by the driver of a car in Garfield Ridge at 5700 S. Archer and S. Lorel Aves.

So far this year in Chicago there have been four cycling deaths, city data shows, plus one related cycling death.

-Lisa Marie Schalk, 50
-Johnel Washington, 31
-Louis Ray Smith, 56
-Jezniah Jay Smith, 34
also cycling related,
-Gabriel Milorad Ciupeiu, 18

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"...34-year-old Jezniah Smith was struck and killed by a Chevy Cruze."

Self-driving car? Who was the driver? The car didn't do it all by itself.

It's interesting that crash reports will often tell you the make, model and colour of the vehicle involved, but rarely mention any driver.

The driver of the vehicle in the crash was Jeffrey Martin Randall, 36, of St. Augustine, Florida. Martin, who stayed at the scene and claimed he had the green light, was not cited., R.I.P.

Ghost Bike Dedication

Sunday November 19th 

3:00 PM



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