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Stolen Bike Registry - do this when your bike gets stolen

"With all the stolen bike posts lately (and no one thinking "I wonder if there's something under Useful Links for this."), I think it's wel…

Started by Lee DiamondLatest Reply

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Who Teaches Kids How to Ride?

Nobody, apparently.  Tonight I saw two teens riding (fast) the wrong way on a one-way street, blowing through a 4-way stop just as a driver…

Started by Jeff Schneider

1 8 seconds ago
Reply by Bob Kastigar

ISO medium size frame road bicycle to borrow for few days

Does anyone have a medium size frame road bicycle a friend can use July 8 through July 12? If so, please let me know so I can put you in to…

Started by Serge Lubomudrov

3 9 hours ago
Reply by Julie Wartell

Hit and Run: No Injuries or Damage: Action Required?

I was involved in a hit and run travelling northbound on Milwaukee at the intersection of Ashland.  While approaching the red light a car h…

Started by Justin

3 11 hours ago
Reply by V W

South Chicago Velodrome Updates & Call to Action

Updates from the little track on Chicago's South side!  (sorry for my lack of announcements here) Everyone's got a question or two about th…

Started by Marcus Moore

5 12 hours ago
Reply by chixieonfixie

Hennepin Canal Trail

I'm sure most of you are aware of it, but for those who aren't, the Hennepin Canal Parkway has approximately 155 miles of trail in Bureau,…

Started by mark stetson

33 13 hours ago
Reply by Eli

Man Arrested After Posting Video Depicting Harassment of Cyclists Man arrested after posting videos depicting…

Started by Tom A.K.

4 14 hours ago
Reply by V W

Bike parking

I posted this before and I am surprised this doesn't bother anyone.  But, when you're searching around the loop and trying frantically to…

Started by Frankie Equality Suda

48 15 hours ago
Reply by J. W. 6.3mi

Possible new trail

There is an unused rail line that runs through Forest Park, River Forest, Melrose Park, River Grove, Franklin Park and connects to another…

Started by Russ Mugnaini

13 16 hours ago
Reply by Bob Kastigar

Controversial Opinion: we cyclists are too preachy

We cyclists are way too damn preachy... I realize I'm being preachy myself here but what I'm getting at is I think a lot of us miss the poi…

Started by V W

10 17 hours ago
Reply by V W

Biking from Lakeview to Evanston

Hi all, I have a summer job at Northwestern University, and I am going to be living in Lakeview (near the Sheridan/Dakin L stop). What bike…

Started by Ike Swetlitz

5 18 hours ago
Reply by Yasmeen



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