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Stolen Bike Registry - do this when your bike gets stolen

"With all the stolen bike posts lately (and no one thinking "I wonder if there's something under Useful Links for this."), I think it's wel…

Started by Lee DiamondLatest Reply

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Harrasment As A Female...........

Hi everyone. Do any women have any suggestions as to how to deal with unwanted attention while biking? It seem every time I pass Broadway a…

Started by Kris Hendry

0 36 minutes ago

Bicycle Photo Tag game

The point of the Bicycle Photo Tag is to reproduce a similar photo of an object or place that can be found in many different locations aro…

Started by Ed

547 1 hour ago
Reply by T.K. 8.4 mi

Commuter Fashion Statements!

So I'm a photographer (who isn't?) But I want to organize a portrait shoot for cyclists who make great fashion statements on their bikes...…

Started by John LaVere

11 2 hours ago
Reply by John LaVere

Madison tour pre-ride meeting?

Hey there - If anyone is interested in a meeting for this year's Chicago-Madison camping tour, please let me know. I have one confirmed par…

Started by Matt M. 18.5KM

22 3 hours ago
Reply by Matt M. 18.5KM

How many other cyclists did you see on your commute this morning?

I'll start: 1.

Started by h' 1.0

235 4 hours ago
Reply by Simon Phearson

Transporting 100+ pounds

Within the next few weeks, I'm getting a new band saw. I looked up the weight, and it's listed at 160lbs. Dang! My rear rack is limited to…

Started by Jaik - 4.3mi

18 7 hours ago
Reply by Jaik - 4.3mi

She had the weight of the world on her rack....

What's the craziest/biggest/heaviest thing you've carried via bike. How did you do it? Would you do it again? Discuss....

Started by BalloonBiker

91 8 hours ago
Reply by Juan 2-8 mi.

Think of this as a Missed Connection.

You blew the red light east bound on Lawrence at Damen at 5:26 pm this evening.   There was enough time for the biker in front of me to mak…

Started by Vilda

1033 8 hours ago
Reply by Fran Kondorf

Kickstarter campaign for new bike tail light

I love my front headlight.  It's bright, it's cheap, it's rechargeable.  OTOH, I've never been bowled over by any of the blinky red lights.…

Started by Marc-Paul Lee

7 10 hours ago
Reply by Duppie

CLIMATE RIDE - Join Team CaptivEdge

Hey Chainlinkers- Anyone interested (or already signed up) in doing the inaugural Climate Ride - Midwest event this year? It takes place f…

Started by Crank

6 11 hours ago
Reply by Tim Frick


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