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Stolen Bike Registry - do this when your bike gets stolen

"With all the stolen bike posts lately (and no one thinking "I wonder if there's something under Useful Links for this."), I think it's wel…

Started by Lee DiamondLatest Reply

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Helping Someone Who Was Doored Thursday on Lawrence Ave

I was biking home and found a cyclist on the street injured after being doored.  Fortunately the police+ambulance were already on their wa…

Started by Brian Sobolak

2 4 minutes ago
Reply by Andy Moss 9.5

...and you will know me by the awesomness of my wheels.

Some things are just more awesome than others.

Started by Haddon

11 3 hours ago
Reply by Joe Guzzardo

Young biker, if I may ask, why do you put your lock in your belt and why are your keys dangling off your backpack?

Is there no where else to stow your lock? Is in your back pocket or pinched in your belt really the only place it can be? Any whats with yo…

Started by Haddon

43 3 hours ago
Reply by Joe Guzzardo

Who else has gone from serious commuting to nearly none due to...

a) lack of bike lanes, or b) bike lanes that are commonly considered regular car traffic lanes, or c) general mixed message of CDOT on main…

Started by SixtyTwoPercent

23 11 hours ago
Reply by Not too hip

Bobby Cann Courtroom Updates

Jason Jenkins at ActiveTrans is helping to coordinate community response.  If there is any chance you can attend proceedings, please reach…

Started by ChiBikeGeek

316 11 hours ago
Reply by SixtyTwoPercent

Active Transportation Alliance detractors and supporters- be heard

I've seen disparaging comments about ATA but never any elaboration, just name calling. I'm just curious to know why they're being knocked.…

Started by V W

17 11 hours ago
Reply by Tandemonium

Clip-ins vs. Not... Advice?

What are the advantages/disadvantages of using clip-ins from people who use them? Thinking about switching to a two sided pedal, one block…

Started by Dana

62 13 hours ago
Reply by Irvin Steinert

theChainlink Bar Night's Triumphant Summer Return - Thursday at Happy Village

Through the years one of the best parts of theChainlink's online community was when everyone went offline and got together for Chainlink Ba…

Started by Mike Keating

3 15 hours ago
Reply by Juan 2-8 mi.

Hospitalized Cyclist Trying to Solve Crash Mystery Another Hit-and-Run b…

Started by Tom A.K.

0 17 hours ago

Slow Roll Chicago

Great article with video embedded:

Started by Chris Hainey

135 17 hours ago
Reply by Olatunji Oboi Reed



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