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Streetscape work in downtown Skokie - Bike facilities improvements?

From Carrie Haberstich of the village regarding the bike parking and bike route improvements that are part of the streetscape work currently underway in downtown Skokie:

Good afternoon!
The accommodation for bicycles in Downtown Skokie will be based on the Village's Bicycle Facility Plan.  Bike racks are planned to be located where side streets connect to Oakton Street and in areas that may draw more family visitors than in other Downtown locations.
A map of the Village's current and future bike facilities is located at:
Most bicycle facilities in the Downtown area are bike routes.  The closest bike lanes to the Downtown are planned for Main Street to the north, and Lincoln Avenue between Galitz Street and Jarvis Avenue to the south.  No bike lanes will be provided on Oakton Street.
The bike rack locations within the new Downtown streetscape will be finalized this summer.

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The work is completed and there a numerous bike racks along Oakton and throughout the "downtown" Skokie area.  They are a nice touch but seem to be more aesthetic than practical.  Overall a constructive and useful improvement.


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