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Northwest Municipal Conference Multimodal Transportation Plan - Project Update

Northwest Municipal Conference Bike Planning Project Update


Thank you for signing up for updates for the NWMC Multimodal Transporation Plan! The planning team has released a summary of Bicycle Analysis for NWMC communities, which is available for download in the documents section of the project website


  • Reviewed the priority regional bicycle corridors identified in the 2010 NWMC Bicycle Plan and begun evaluating alternatives that may provide better connectivity, increase comfort for people of all ages and abilities, and/or improve the feasibility and timeframe for building the corridor.
  • Surveyed sidewalks along major roads and surrounding transit stations and begun prioritizing gaps in the system based on proximity to schools, transit, jobs, and commercial areas.
  • Identified major issues for people walking and biking to transit, such as long blocks and a lack of safe street crossings, stressful intersections, sidewalk gaps, lack of bicycle facilities, and wayfinding.
  • Engaged more than 750 residents across the region through two online surveys, as well as regular social media and community newsletters outreach. 
  • Organized meetings with staff from communities across the NWMC and representatives from transit agencies, forest preserves, and county DOTs.


  • Continued opportunities for community and stakeholder engagement.
  • Finalize and prioritize priority regional bicycle corridors; publish online, interactive map.
  • Finalize prioritized sidewalk gaps; publish online, interactive map.  
  • Develop design and policy strategies to improve access to transit.



Learn more about the NWMC Multimodal Transporation Plan via the project website. If you haven't already, check out the Bike Quiz to help us understand your comfort and confidence level when it comes to biking. Stay tuned for more opportunities to get involved, including a community open house in early December!

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