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I'm certain it's about to get quiet around here for the next few months, but here's something to get us through the winter: It looks like Cook County Forest Preserve is on track to open camp sites in Northbrook, Palatine, Willow Springs, Tinley Park, and South Holland.

If they stay on schedule we will have 5 sites within 50 miles of each other!

Anyone up for a camping tour of Cook County in 2015?

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That's awesome. I read a story in Adventure Cycling about a guy who took a week long trip in/around the twin cities recently, and it sounded like tons of fun. It would be interesting to put together a route which hit some interesting sights and stopped at one of these each day. Maybe 30-50 miles a day. I'll take a crack at it once the spring jonesing sets in (i.e. in a week).

Yeah, it's tough because the sites are clustered together on the north and south ends of the county.If we were to drop Sullivan it would be more reasonable, but then we couldn't say we hit every site in Cook.

As for sights, the distances are relatively short, so stops along the way make sense (although we could use the time to resupply as well). I know my way around the north end of the route and could put together some ideas, but have no clue as to what's worth seeing around Oak Lawn.



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