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Come join us for a new Southside Chicago Kidical Mass, the last Sunday of every month, at Harold Washington Park in Hyde Park. The first one will be Sunday, May 27. We'll meet at 10:30, head out at 11. Kids on their own bikes, kids on their parents' bikes, kid-friendly bikers of all ages -- all are welcome!

If you want to join from points north, it's a nice ride down the lakefront trail and over the 53rd street bridge.

We'll post more about the route as it gets closer.

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You know that's the same morning as Bike the Drive, right?  You may encounter a lot of extra traffic along the lakefront due to the event.

No, I didn't realize that.  Shoot.  Let me think about whether it would be possible to move the Mass later in the day, or whether we should just cancel.  I know Jennifer James was planning on a family biking table at the post bike-the-drive festivities, and I don't want to conflict.

I'll reschedule this event for Memorial Day, Monday the 28th, same time and place.

There was a great turnout today, and it was a lot of fun.  If anyone has pictures, please let me know.

The next one will be Sunday, June 24th, same time and place.

We had a blast today! So glad this event is spreading throughout the city.

There's a new event posted on the calendar, for the ride this Sunday.  Come join us!

There are two new events posted now, for Sunday July 29, and Sunday August 26.  We need a leader for the August ride (I'm happy to consult with you on route, or suggest a route), so let me know if you would be interested in doing that.



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