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What's everyone's gear ratio for the winter? Or what's your favorite gear ratio?
I am riding a 42/14 currently. My summer bike is 48/16. The 42/14 starts off well, with a good push and I can get going fast, but also slow down well. Also, when that wind picks up I can handle it! But 48/16 is my favorite, simple but fast.

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Smartwool socks!!! But i will be running 44x17, worked great last year. i like to spin alot in winter because i stay warmer, less stress in the knees too. It is also great for when snow is packed in the fenders. Oh, and Jester still rocks!
Mine is like 40-43/15. I like to spin more to keep me warm. Does anyone else feel that the wind in Chicago gets about 1000x worse in the winter also?
I run 44x18 on my winter/rain bike. I feel like lower ratios work better with the lower tire pressure I run during the winter months. 46x15 on my other bikes.



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