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I know this group has not been active for quite some time, so this may be a long shot.

I'm hoping to find some other fixed gear riders in Chicago whom have interest in having regular weekend rides that range from 50-75 miles.  I know I'm not the only fixed gear rider in the city who likes to put down some bigger distances, and I'd like to try to connect with you to get some sort of regular rides going on through the warmer months.

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Hi Brian, I'd be interested but I am not sure if I will be in Chicago for that long. At this point it seems I will be here until end of June, maybe end of July

Sounds great to me!  The reason why I said spring through summer was just because my mileage drops through the winter and only doing about 20 miles a day, working on ramping my distance back up with more daylight.

I'm down to start throwing in some more low-key rides of 30-40 miles on the weekends now if you're up for it, otherwise we can kick off a bit later if you need to get back in the swing of things.


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