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Renowned local artist / activist Chris Drew reportedly passed away on May 7th 2012.

Chris was a fixture at Critical Mass for many years, often screen printing copies of the month's route on site.  In recent years he fought an important legal battle over free speech and recording police.

In 2009+2010 Chris lead September rides to the American Indian Center where we were greeted with music and art and food.

I propose we again do a Chris route to honor the wonderful man and his contributions to Critical Mass, art and freedom.

I've attached a scan of a silk-screen of a route he created for September 2011, but which I believe was not actually run.


Useful links:

TheChainLink planning thread:

Chris Drew personal page:

Free Speech Artists Movement:

Personal site:  (some subpages have been hacked by a spam bot)

Uptown Multi-Cultural Art Center:
1630 West Wilson Avenue

American Indian Center of Chicago
1630 West Wilson Avenue

Chicago Labor & Arts Festival honors Chris Drew in Rogers Park:

Proclamation renaming Morse Ave as Chris Drew Way:

Unpublished Chris Drew map (2011.09.30):

Past Chris Drew related CCM maps:
2010.09.24 - "Freedom Ride" by Chris Drew and Maria Wohadlo:
2009.09.25 - "T-Shirt Art Harvest Festival" by Jenny Rotten:

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I did not know him, but I admire what he did. It is a shame he did not live to see the court pass the injunction stopping enforcement of the law (a day after he passed). I think it's a great idea to honor him.

A story about Chris:,...

I updated this thread with many pertinent links and contacts (above).
Next I suggest:
1. Someone seek out more of the patches. (call his executors, best friends, the arts center, ...) for possible giveaways or inclusion in the Derailleur zine.
2. Decide to bring the mass either or both to the Arts Center (Wilson), or to Morse Avenue (aka honorary Chris Drew Way), or both.
3. If going to the arts center, call and tell them.  If Morse, pick a specific destination.
4. Map it!  (The unpublished map linked above may not be usable, seems to be a multi-mass with two start points?)


Being crushingly busy with WNBR-C, I was hoping someone else would serve the above.  Anyone know anyone else who should be in?  Should we loop in the CCM list?


OK, Me and Jera and Steven and willow've done everything we can.  Map is planned and printed.  American Indian Center and friends of Chris Drew contacts have been contacted (though we have no idea if there'll be anything awaiting the mass).

Route flyer is posted on

Also I've transcribed it to Google Maps (almost 17 miles).

C U Friday!


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