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There's no discussion of PBP2015 here? Well ok then, now there is!


(and happy new year)

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I'm planning on it.

I did it in 2011 and I thought once was enough.  Funny how time can smooth out the rough edges.

I am going to be working towards doing it as well. I would like to get to know others from Chicago are planing it as well.

Don't you have to have completed the full set of brevets in 2014 to go  in 2015? 

You don't need to but it does help with pre registration. I did complete the SR series in 2014 though

I completed it in 2007 and thought it was a fantastic and humbling experience.

If there is any interest maybe we could have a meetup sometime for Q&A with those that have been there and those that are interested in going. Personally I like to plan things out, and PBP takes a fair amount of planning. Plus there are strategies for completing the ride depending on which group you want to ride in (80, 84, or 90 hour).

Hi folks, nice to "see" you again.

I'm planning on going this year, and it would be my first time. I would be interested in a meetup/Q&A session. That said, I'm planning on visiting Ancien Cycles on Milwaukee next Wednesday (1/14/2015). I understand they'll be talking about PBP.

Despite that, I'm sure I'll have many questions.

For instance:

- logistics, such as use Des Peres or not?

- how are you getting base miles in our winter?

- will there be a brevet week in spring?

For what it's worth 2011 was the year I first discovered randonneuring / RUSA / PBP.  Therefore I didn't do any brevets in 2010 and was not eligible to pre-register for PBP.  Nonetheless I was able to get a spot.

This obviously is no guarantee that it will be the same this year. You absolutely must complete an SR this year but you will be able to register for PBP prior to completion. 

Deet 4.5mi said:

You don't need to but it does help with pre registration. I did complete the SR series in 2014 though

... Also, I'm sure most ppl here are already aware of this group but just in case:!topic/randon/PXWcoxL-Ctc

Hey Jason, thanks for that link. Seems like the 'safest' option is to travel a la carte. 


I did PBP in 2007 with Des Peres (Claus) because they took care of everything. He has been doing this for some time and is still in business so that is a testament to his doing something right. In my case this meant that I had rooms at the agreed locations and dates, and was transported with my bike between CDG and the Campanille where we had rooms.  

I only had two minor issues: on arrival we waited hours for another flight to arrive before the bus left, with no explanation. Tough when you are jet-lagged. The other issue was the first room I had was sub-par, with shared shower and on the 4th floor. But Claus got all the major bits right.

This time since we will be renting a car perhaps we will pick it up from CDG as one of the posters on the randon group commented. 

Something else you will probably find is that many hotels have smaller rooms, and do not allow bikes in the room. In my case there were dozens, maybe hundreds, of bikes in a modest sized storage room. 

Maybe it is easier to go a la carte in 2015 with the Internet, but you will be solely responsible for getting everything arranged. Go for it if that works for you. 

Another reason for Claus in 2007 was that he arranged for free bikes on Air France. That is no longer true but the cost does appear to be limited to $150 each way which is not too bad. That it with a 50-lb limit which is tough if you have a heavy case. We went with the lightest case available which was the trapezoid shaped one from Performance, and keeping under 50 lbs was not too hard.

Bon Route!

I am thinking about using des pres for the trip out to eliminate the risk of loosing luggage due to changing planes. I would also use him  for rooms before the event and drop bag ect...  Then Ill be free to travel around Europe for a couple of weeks after the ride, and take a less expensive airline back to Chicago.

Does any one have suggestions for storing ones bike in Paris while out touring around?

Is any one planning on going to Ancien next Wednesday?

So did anyone attend the Ancien presentation this week?



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