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There's no discussion of PBP2015 here? Well ok then, now there is!


(and happy new year)

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Yes indeed, it was a good event. It was more casual than I had expected, but that's quite fine. In fact, it was fun to see folks I'd met last year on the road as well as quite a few people that are interested in & eager to riding brevets all the way up to PBP. 

Can we get a count of Chicago riders that are planning on riding PBP in August?

I have signed up for the 90H start, on the last wave at 8:00 PM. I will be riding with three other Chicagoland riders, with two planned stops at Loudeac on the way to and from Brest. I also know of a few others in the area that have signed up:

  • Jon Batek
  • Michael Billing
  • Rick Cosaro
  • Eric Peterson
  • Dawn Piech
  • Rob Schaller

Eric Peterson

I'll be doing the 90 hour start at 6:45pm with two other riders from the Chicago area and one from Green Bay.

Hi Eric and gang.

I will be at PBP as well.  I am riding with the 84 hour group with a 5 AM start.  I will give you guys a high-five when I see you on your way back to Paris from Brest :)

Fun PBP preview at today's TdF stage finish :)

How did it go for everyone?  I started strong but cracked at night (84 hour group).  Ended up finishing in a little under 74 hours. Lots of learning and takeaways. It was my second time. What an experience!

Jason, excellent time! I finished in 88 hours and change.

My goal was to simply finish, as I was riding with three others. Well that plan fell apart, so I ended up riding alone together much of the time. I did hook up with Greg Silver for quite a few miles. As for the group of four, one DNFed on the way back after Loudeac, and other developed Shermer's neck on the last stage, but finished nonetheless alongside team member #4 Rob Schaller.

Weather was excellent, making it a much more scenic and enjoyable ride than in 2007.



Congrats Eric!


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