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When I was at PBP and when I have traveled to participate in brevets elsewhere I have always been impressed with the wool club jerseys that other cities have.  Most of us have seen the ubiquitous blue Seattle Randonneurs jersey for example. I think 'Great Lakes Randonneurs' would look fantastic in simple script on a wool jersey.  Is there any interest from the group to get an order in?  Obviously I am not the RBA so I don't want to step in anyone's jurisdiction :) but I would be happy to organize the order or give my money to someone else who wants to take it on.  Any interest from the group?

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In the past, GLR has made available wool jerseys on a pre-order basis.  Im sure you could could get the contact info from Jim.  I would be interested.

Congrats on PBP!  Have you published a ride report?

Thanks djm for your congratulations :)  No ride report unfortunately.

Does anyone have a picture of the wool jerseys that you linked to or was this something that maybe never materialized.

At any rate now we have 3 riders interested.  Who else is potentially in? 

I dont have a picture but IIRC they were black / white with "Great Lakes Randonneurs" in script.  I would ask Jim and/or Michelle to offer this on the GLR site.

GLR will be looking into options for a possible wool jersey this winter for availability in the spring. There are a bunch of options and we are doing some reorganization of the website so we want to wait until we have colors set and a good vendor picked out. Having done lots of jerseys too, I also want to be sure we have a good number of people that actually will put down the $$ for them. Custom wool jerseys like Seattle's are about $160 unless you are ordering in quantity. It would be great to know how many people really are interested in purchasing. So stay in touch and we may be contacting you as a volunteer : )

Thanks for the info Michele.  I understand that high quality wool jerseys are expensive. I would be willing to pay assuming that I liked the offering. I would be happy to volunteer :)

Hi everyone.

I was lucky enough to get one of the prototype jerseys and I must say they are really nice!  I hope everyone is getting their order in on the new GLR website.  I am picturing a yellow mob in Paris in 4 years - not to mention on the streets of Wisconsin  this summer :)



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