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Hello....I'm going to be coming in from sunny CA to ride the GLR 600km and finish off my SR series. I'm renting a car and will have a bike rack with 3 spaces. Joe Dietz (Deet) and I will be driving up to Delavan on Friday 6/ I've got an extra spot. A couple things though, I'm heading up to Niles to visit my the plan is to pick up Deet at the Harem Blue Line stop around 5pm...I can pick you up there or somewhere close to Niles around 5pm. After the ride on Sunday, we are playing it by ear....if we're too exhausted we'll stay in Delavan on Sunday and head back to Chicago early Monday morning....if we're feeling good, we'll head back to Chicago Sunday.

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Very cool!  I have to keep this in mind I've vowed to do a ride like this for a while now :)


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