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I'm throwing my folder on a bus next weekend and riding in Madison's first Naked Ride on June 19th! 

Theirs is at 11am, in broad daylight (SUNBLOCK!) and needs some experienced nekkid riders to show 'em how to do it up right ;)

SO! Let me know if you're coming too and we can coordinate. I have a place to stay, but I imagine people might want to go in on hotel expenses and whatnot. 

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Going to Madison also via Greyhound/Badger Bus. Can't afford overnite expense so coming back same day. Bus schedule going sucks with 6.5 hour layover in MKE.

Really enjoyed Chicago's WNBR
I'm going up Friday and camping at Valley View recreation club, a nudist resort about 1/2 hour from Madison
I am now sitting in Michelangelo's on State St, here in Sunny Madison.

I threw my folder bike (in its bag) on the 7:30pm Coach USA bus out of O'Hare, having bought a round trip ticket for a mere $54. Takes 3 hours to get to either the Dutch Mill Park and Ride or the UW Memorial Union.

If you want to leave from Downtown, this is the schedule:

If you're leaving from O'Hare, this is the schedule:

I have no tips on accommodations otherwise, but I'm really excited about this ride... I want it to be awesome.
Great travel advice. Wish I had checked them out also. Cheaper than the way I've already paid for. Would like to talk to you about your folding bike when I get there.
It might still be possible. The CoachUSA leaves O'hare at 6am and gets to the Memorial Union about 9:35am. I rented a bike there for $22.00 from internet rental service that also gives you a choice of several bike models). The store pickup location is about 16 blocks away and sorta on the way to the starting point. You can also come back same evening.

Michael Akroush said:
Wish I could but really have no way to get there in time. Next year! Have fun!
Sure do wish Id'a posted the schedules sooner. Oh well...

Hindsight is always 20/20.

Heh... hindsight.
to; Jera Sue;
loved the 1st Amendment slogan. Body paint that you used peeled off easily in the shower, unlike previous body paints. Where did you buy it?

Jera Sue said:
Sure do wish Id'a posted the schedules sooner. Oh well...

Hindsight is always 20/20.

Heh... hindsight.


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