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This Discussion is to provide up-to-date information regarding the Major Taylor Trail. When you ride it, please provide a brief report here.

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ooo, thanks for sharing. 

Over the weekend I rode the trail between 87th and 121st. Trail conditions were generally excellent. 

Other than a small amount of broken glass right at 111th St. (most of which I picked up), that whole length of trail was pretty much free of broken glass. Thank you Chicago Park District!

A portion of the on-street section of the trail is torn up for water/sewer reconstruction. This is a MAJOR construction that may last a while. It affects Charles St. from 95th to 97th.  I've mapped 2 different detours for this section of the trail.

Version 1 is straightforward and has a stoplight to cross 95th.

Version 2 is slightly shorter and a little trickier. Vanderpoel is closed to through traffic north of 95th, though it's possible to pass through a gate by the fire station. This involves a sharp turn, so it's worth slowing down there. There is a stoplight to cross 95th St.

Workday this Saturday 6/17. If you'd like to come and help out, we'd be happy to see you.

Last ridden May 5 Whistler Woods to 105th.  There was a bit of glass on the trail hear and there no sections I felt i needed to carry my bike through.  These conditions have been reported to CPD.

The next Friends of the Major Taylor Trail meeting is May 21 7pm at Ridge Park.  All are welcome.



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