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Ronayne Thomas, 31, Ghost Bike Memorial to be on Sunday August 10 at Noon

Hi Ghost Bike Group & Chainlinkers,

On Thursday June 26 2014, my cousin Ronayne Thomas was riding his bike across CTA train tracks and was struck and killed by a train. We are having a ghost bike memorial installed in his honor on Sunday August 10 at Noon. We are meeting by the Kedzie Brown Line station (4648 N. Kedzie Ave.). The event is open to the public and we are looking forward to celebrating Ronayne's love for cycling and life with you all.

As many of you may know, at-grade rail crossings can be dangerous for all road users. Both road users and the CTA can do things to improve the safety of these crossings. This tragic incident has sparked dialogue about safety improvements, and we hope at some point to provide an update about any changes at these crossings.



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