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From the Oak Park Cycle Club (Roger Masson):  Ride takes place on April 8th. Breweries to be visited: Dovetail, Begyle, Half Acre & Empirical. Dovetail has a brewery tour at 11 AM. We are crashing my homebrew club's pub crawl. Depart from Starbucks by Lake and Oak Park at 9:45 AM (NEW TIME!) - meet earlier to caffeinate if you like.   Cue sheet at Overall mileage is about 20.   UPDATE from Roger:  "We will probably skip Half Acre because it is impossible to get in there on a Saturday."


Thanks, Bill.

Im looking for a ride Sunday, 4/23/17. Any ideas? 

It's been a while since my last ride south-east... Wanna go there? As far as Griffith, at least. Either ride back or to Flossmoor?

see the main "comment wall"

Not neues Bier, but a summer ride to Estabrook Beer Garden (FB) in Milwaukee could be fun.  Amtrak home late.

Ha. Eeeenteresting... :)


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