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I love them both, but would love them more if they were being ridden (plus I need the space and the $)


Moulton 4


I built this up from the frame and fork. New wheels - Sturmey Archer 8 speed rear hub, Shimano Deore LX front, Sun M14 rims, Brooks Professional S saddle, new brakes, cables, pedals, grips and a cool REICH bell!


Asking $400 but will be happy to go $350 to a BBC'er!


The next is this mutant Raliegh Twenty



I built this up from the frame only. It has new wheels - Sturmey Archer 2 speed kick back coaster brake rear, Sturmey Archer drum brake front, both on Sun rims. It has a removable custom cantilevered rack that mounts to brackets welded to the frame. It has a unique 1" threadless fork  that has braze-ons for drum bakes, front generator and custom racks. It's for 26" a wheel (ISO 559, 584 or 590) but worked great as a chopper fork for this project. One of the most fun freak bikes ever!


Asking $300 but will go $275 to a BBC'er, a deal for the wheels alone!


The bikes can be found at Ciclo Urbano, the sales shop of West Town Bikes, 2459 W Division. Sales at Ciclo help support the youth and community programs offered by West Town Bikes. Check us out at and

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Did you ever sell these bikes? It was posted quite a while ago but there was no replies so thought I'd ask.



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