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***SOLD*** Zephyr HxM BT (Bluetooth) HR Monitor - Windows phone & Android compatible

Hey all,

I am getting rid of an extra HR monitor I have. It is compatible with smartphones (android & Windows Phone).

It has seen light use, functions perfectly. I use it to record my HR and interface with Strava. Absolutely no complaints, I am only selling it because (I've been saving my pennies and) I'm leaning towards getting a Garmin so that I can capture more data from my rides.

The strap is machine washable and I promise it will be clean when you get it, but you can buy a new strap for about 20$ if that makes you more comfortable.

The product is $85 new, I am asking $65, negotiable depending on the amount of interest I get.

The product site (with all documentation) is here:

Amazon review are here (4.2 of 5 overall rating):

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Lowe, thank you for the suggestion.

Is that your daily commute? We've probably seen each other, I start just a bit west of where it looks like you start.

I am looking to move away from using my phone to track my rides. The Garmin appeals to me because of battery life (15+ hours) and GPS signal finding and retention, two things that my phone does a pretty poor job of.

Sounds good, thanks, Lowe.

Bump, still for sale.

Hi Will, do you still have the Zephyr HxM BT?  I sent you a friend request; please message me with your contact info and lets maybe make a deal.

Will G - 10mi said:

Bump, still for sale.

Oh no, I just sold it last week, sorry! I'll edit the title.


Will G - 10mi said:

Oh no, I just sold it last week, sorry! I'll edit the title.


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