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Root Beer color. Excellent condition - a couple of minor scratches. I got it in May of 2011. I'm not sure if it is a 2010 or 2011 model.

Can be built as a singlespeed or with gears. 

Reynolds 853 frame is custom butted with size specific tubing, super clean welds, and custom drawn S-bend chainstays and seatstays. Includes replaceable derailleur hanger. 

These sell for $900 or so new and you can't get them in the pretty root beer color this year.

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dropping the price to $525 for Chainlinkers. 

is this frame still for sale??  if so can i get some more pictures ?  And would you have any parts that you are willing to sell off the bike or any other mtn bike?

Yes, thanks, it is still for sale. Here are some more pics:

I don't have any other mtn bike parts. If you are looking for parts to build up this frame, one way to do it somewhat inexpensively is to buy a cheap donor bike and swap out the parts. Note though that this frame requires a bottom bracket with external bearings, so that part most likely won't be swappable from a cheap mountain bike.

I'd be happy to deliver the frame in the city for a pint of ale or an extra $5 or $10 depending on the distance.

Also, as the pics show, it has more than "a couple" scratches, but still only a handful of them. 

Yes, this thing is still for sale. But I don't post here just to bump my own thread. I just realized I should open this up to trading.

I'm in the market for a pair of lower-end hybrids or perhaps road bikes geared for riding in hilly terrain -  like, say the Driftless region of SW Wisconsin. Solid brakes and granny gears!

One bike is for a 5' 6" rider and the other for me who is 6' 4". So like ~54 cm and a ~62 cm. 

Dropping price to $450. Get it for the person on your list who has almost everything.

Still open to trades, but we have the smaller bike need covered (thanks Chainlink!). Might also consider a  guitar or bass amp.


Ok, not sold technically - traded for an '88 Schwinn Voyageur!



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