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WTB: Front triangle for any model of 1999 (only) small Cannondale Super V

I know it's a long shot, but I need a front triangle from a 1999 model year (only) Cannondale Super V full suspension MTN bike, size small (16.5" from BB center to top of seat tube).

Cosmetics don't matter as long as it's functional, but it *has* to be a '99 (shock mount tab was different that year), and it has to be a small.

A Super V '99 can be identified by a two letter date code starting with "K" , located on the left  and side of the bottom bracket, above the 6 digit fabrication code.

Super V's still show up on Chicago CL occasionally, so there are still a few around, the problem is figuring out in who's basement the one I need is sitting. 

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Sorry to hear it got ripped.  I'm not surprised you liked your SV, even with the shocks and forks of the period the SVs were arguably the best production single pivot MTN frame ever built, and upgraded to modern suspension components they are *amazing* trail bikes for the cost - people are still performing these upgrades more than a decade after the last Super V was produced.

If your are looking for SV replacement, I've got an extra, unmodified medium w/ the standard 1996-98 swing arm I'll part with very reasonably if it's going to someone who is actually going to ride it stock or upgrade it rather than part it out on eBay.

This one is a SV 700i Comp w/ a 7x3 SLX drive train (ratchet front, indexed rear). The elastomers in the Judy fork are "just acceptable" and the original coil-over rear shock is wheezing, but it's still a functional city / packed trial bike.

The "i" model came stock with a 1-1/8" headset adapter, which means that it's easy to upgrade the fork (a major weak point on point on these bikes as both the Judys and the them current Headshocs were pretty anemic by modern standards.).

The 1-1/8" headset is also one of the requirements if you want to build up a Super V Uber or Uber Lite (I have a full Uber):

Cannondale Super V "Uber"

and I also have a spare 6.5 Fox Air Vanilla Float,... modify the front shock mount and update the rear shock and put on a modern fork and the result would be a "Uber Lite", an *excellent* trail bike for Midwest Riding. 


No problem... I'm *still* pissed about a Bob Jackson that got ripped in 1971! 



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