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Super windy (24 mph), nasty cold morning and so I wore my non-bikewear fleece cap which felt awful under my helmet and produced an embarrassing hair mess. I bundled up today but it felt all wrong. My new coat didn't give me enough flex in my arms, jeans are always a bad choice, and the wind made it all feel awkward and awful. But I made it in and learned enough that tomorrow I will be dressing in normal clothing that rides better and is more comfortable. 

Yes, I have the worst hat head sitting here while I type this. :-( Definitely a bad hair day.

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Proudly strut that flattened mane for it announces to the world that you are one tough [INSERT TERM HERE]

hahaha. :-) My hair is not much better today but I have it tied back to hide the hatness of it all. 

It suddenly got so cold here too but we are forecast to get a 68 degree (no rain!) day this weekend so I am embarrassed to complain of the cold.

I feel like I could really use a pair of leg warmers. This morning was BRRRRRR!!!! I love riding in a dress and flannel tights but this morning was a chilly one. I think the hardest part of this time of year is the dark though. I can't wait until the days start getting longer again.

I logged in today to ask if anyone has tips for not having gross hair after riding in a balaclava!

I ride with a cap or fleece hat and it can make a mess of things. I have really long hair (probably too long) so I tend to tie it up a lot or braid it. I noticed that minimizes the mess that is my hairdo when I get to work. I brush it out when I get to work and have hair products in my office.

Rx for Hat Head:  Get a buzz-cut in November, and wear a variety of hats all winter.  No hair; no mess!  

Um, no thanks! 

I totally second the braiding hair tip/brushing out when you get to work! Sometimes I put a slim cloth headband on underneath my knit hat to help wick moisture, too. I have a nice waterproof rapha cap but ended up ditching it for a regular beanie underneath my helmet because it felt like it breathed better and maybe let the sweat evaporate a bit easier? It has definitely left me less sopping wet with sweat by the time i get to work in these winter months. Everyone has different things that work for them I guess!

I just keep a bunch of dress clothes at work and change when I get to work. As far as hair, I rock my messy helmet hair often enough that I think I've gotten everyone to temper their expectations. 

I think it's a reasonable accommodation for people to not expect cyclists to show up to work all pristine. It's a fair trade for how much we're saving everyone else on health care costs and traffic/parking glut.

Gee there's an upside to my male pattern baldness after all.

Hehehe :-)



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