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Just wanted to pass along a little "find".


Harley Davidson "makes" a variety of boots that are perfect for winter bicycle commuting, and can be found heavily discounted on eBay/gray market. They seem to hold up well to slop, are absolutely waterproof, and warm enough that wearing them indoors has caused me to overheat.  I bought my oldest ones maybe 3 years ago.


Here's my most recent purchase-- they're as good as any others I've had, although the price has been slowly creeping up (got the last few pair for $35 or so as I recall).


HD Chukka




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Good rec, but it almost  looks like these might be too heavy for what I have to do. It's a bit of a problem for me to walk around in heavy shoes in winter. I have another pair of winter boots that I wore two years ago and by the end of the day, I was beat from lugging around lugged soles.


I have heard from others that a leather hiking type shoe is awesome and I'd guess the motorcycle crowd would be plugged in to good foot wear. I'm gonna ask my dad again what he buys. He always wears leather biking boots.


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