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I am looking to improve upon my cold wet feet experience cycling through last winter. Can you offer my your thoughts of:
- recommended cycling shoes & why
- where to purchase them

Much obliged

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I don't have a cycling shoe suggestion (so feel free to ignore it) instead a waterproof boot So far these have worked out perfectly in the rain. The plus side, I don't have to change shoes when I go somewhere. Also, they fit into my toe cages perfectly. As for keeping my feet warm, I'll let you know when it gets to 0 degrees.
I commute year round and generally take one of two approaches, depending upon how cold / crappy the weather is:

1) neoprene booties over my regular cycling shoes (this usually works great for temps above 20 degrees F, and where there is not a lot of slop that I have to put my feet in); or

2) Lake winter cycling boots (Lake has both road and mountain style) (I break these out when it is really cold or really sloppy. Man are they toasty. They can be too much, however, which is why I have option 1.)

The neoprene booties you can get at a variety of places. I have large feet, so getting booties large enough to fit over my shoes is sometimes tough. The Performance brand booties always work well.

Lake winter boots are not as widely available. I got mine at Lickton's in Oak Park.

Good luck!
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