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I'm looking for zipperless or minimal zippered Winter clothing. Nearly all mine have stripped or gone off center rendering it useless. If I could find snaps or Velcro that'd be great. Also I can't afford an REI,North Face,Columbia $60 shirt  like my generous sister bought me a few years back.

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Marshalls and T.J. Maxx always have midweight zipperless technical fabric base layers (usually for skiing) for pretty cheap.  They also sell wool blend and tech fabric winter socks, and even softshell jackets, for pretty cheap comparatively as well.  

Also, I'd check thrift stores for lighter-weight wool v-neck and crew neck sweaters.  I prefer wool when riding in the winter, and I've repurpossed a couple of old lighter-weight wool crew neck sweaters into solid base layers in the past.    

Costco will  often have base layers,  socks and  gloves as well  as soft shell coats that are  inexpensive.


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