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In the past few weeks I have been rolling south to Wolf Lake via the LFT and Burnham Greenway for a quarter century quickie and have had repeated encounters with deer along Eggers Woods and the William Powers Conservation Area (Wolf Lake.)  Yesterday afternoon found me racing a buck for a hundred yards or so until a jogger coming from the opposite direction caused the deer to abruptly cut and dash into the brush.  The jogger was nonplussed.  

Last week, I was racing along admiring THREE deer traipsing in Eggers Woods when suddenly a rabbit emerges onto the path.  Before I could even touch my brakes, the startled bunny goes airborne, hurling pass me like a furry missile at chest level and missing me by about a foot.  Defensively, I excitedly shouted "Shit!" in utter surprise and amazement and then started laughing.

Also a week ago, on a midnight ride along the length of the LFT and owning the path (encountering two other cyclists the entire 36 mile roundtrip), I came onto a racoon who was very casually sauntering across the path adjacent to the Sledding Hill at Soldier Field.  "Just out for a stroll, gov'nor."  Numerous bunnies were also spotted in this vicinity, natch.  Didn't see any coyotes, but I know they're out there.  

The only occasion so far in which I have across a coyote face to face while biking was a few Octobers ago in some open/vacant "urban prairie" down around 99th Street (behind the 103rd Steet CTA garage terminal) between Stony Island and a railroad corridor -- a likely place indeed.  I did see one while driving by at 116th and Torrence some years ago.

Now you share.

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Encountered mama deer and fawn over the summer at the Brookfield Trail with my daughter. Managed to take a pic. We also encountered a flattened chip munk and snake which I think she was more excited about.

Great thread Curtis, thanks.

Jeff I saw your buck corking that very intersection today at 1pm. He had a near miss with a motorist, then hopped off into the woods after a few minutes like it was no big deal.

Also saw a dead dog or coyote lying in the road where Touhy intersects the Des Plaines River Trail, that was a bummer.

JeffB (7+ miles) said:

 I often see deer on the street on Lansing Ave just north of Forest Glen Ave on my way to the NBT, usually early morning or at dusk.


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