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Slow 'round these parts. Wondering if there are a buncha people lurking and not posting.

Please post here if you're only lurking and not posting.

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I am sorry, you are clearly not lurking.  [rolls eyes and slaps forehead]

C'mon folks, it's not rocket surgery.

Shawn C. said:

lurking and laughing at Kevin C's comments in other posts...

Jesus H. Hockey Sticks!  What part of "lurking" do you not understand?

Chi Lowe 12.5+ mi said:

Brain Science then?

I'm not, but I have this friend ....

i am lurking today as defined in #1 below. I have not yet found a thread today that I can ambush with a healthy dose of my signature snark. I saw one candidate,but that got closed before I got to it.

The day is still young, so I am not too worried.


I'm lurking today. I thought about bumping my Schwinn FS thread, but thought, "nah, better wait until the end of the month."

I was planning on lurking tomorrow, actually.

You caught me.

/lurk field re-activate.

This belongs in the "Who's Lurking Tomorrow" thread, sorry.

Adam Herstein (5.5 mi) said:

I was planning on lurking tomorrow, actually.

Lurkin' my ass off over here.

Lurking with love. Love the Chainlink people. Wish I could spend more time lurking.

Ethan Spotts, Active Trans



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