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Due to popular demand the next round of Rapid Transit classes are going to be on WHEELS!

One this Saturday and another next Sunday.  Classes will cover the basics of the wheel, hub adjustments and proper wheel truing.

There will also be a couple of 'Urban Riding basics' classes the next two weeks which will cover some laws that apply to cycling in Chicago as well as some hints and tips on keeping safe on the road.  There is one this Sunday and one next Saturday.

See ya'll there.

Bring me snacks.

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Take him up on these classes!  He is very good and you can't beat the price.  I will remember snacks next time. ;D

Is this a once-over-lightly class or can it get more in depth?  I've been working on old bikes a few years now and have rebuilt a fair number of hubs.  I now have a truing stand and have done minor lateral corrections but radial truing still stumps me.

It will be pretty in depth but the degree of wheel nerding out will depend on the what the class wants to learn.

Thanks to everyone who showed up for this last weeks round of classes, they were a blast to put on.

What else would those of you out there like to learn?  The response has been great so far and we want to keep it up by making sure we are offering classes on what people out there want to learn.

When are the next classes DUG ?

I'm in for "next Sunday" which would be tomorrow (yes, with treats of some kind).

Urban cycling is tonight and wheel basics are tomorrow morning and there will be a new set of classes the next weekend.

Looking forward to the wheel class, assuming it doesn't conflict too badly with the one other commitment I have tomorrow.

Damn, I can't go.

Missed a good one, Will.  Doug, I am looking forward to the drive train idea!

Good, glad to hear it.

Best attended class to date!

The cookies were delicious also.

Lisa Curcio 4.0 mi said:

Missed a good one, Will.  Doug, I am looking forward to the drive train idea!

Great class.  Thanks for putting it together and giving me an excuse to get up sort of early and put in a few miles.  Enjoy the snacks, and put that juice in a fridge before it gets too warm.



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