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Pet peeves are killin' it (of course). Does everyone feel a little better getting it off their chest with a little fellow cyclist venting? 

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Ok, here there are some things I LOVE about cyclists - 

  • There are some incredibly polite, kind cyclists that will stop to help you with a flat, behave politely at a stop, and call out obstacles, etc. they see on the road to help you when you are behind them. 
  • The bike community. Seeing friends on the road and how excited people are to yell out to say hi and if there's time, catch up. Such a friendly group of people.
  • I LOVE watching the graceful ballet of a bike messenger or other highly-skilled cyclist negotiating their way through traffic, intersections, other cyclists, etc. To me, it's a thing of beauty. 

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Being that I live in northwest Indiana, I don't get the chance to ride in Chicago much anymore (I did when I lived in the area), but when I do, I always appreciate having cyclists stop and ask, or call out, if I need any help when I have an issue with my bike. Don't get much of that where I live nowadays. I'll always stop and inquire, but in my neck of the woods, I'm the exception rather than the rule.

OK, cut out the love-fest.  The real loving, care-taking, concerned members of our society are the overweight, middle-aged Midwest women that become RNs, social workers, and mothers.    And you don't see many of them out on bikes...particularly in the City.

Real Chicago cyclists are accustomed to going their own way, doing their own thing.  They don't spread a lot of love, either to drivers, pedestrians or other cyclists.   Sure, they'll stop momentarily for a fellow cyclist with a few kind words.  After all we're all fighting with cars for riding space on our streets...however we're all guerrilla fighters.  If love = commitment, I'm not so sure the cyclists I ride with are committed to doing much else.  And hence, I think the words 'Respect' or 'Admire' are better verbs to apply to our feelings for our fellow cyclists, rather than 'Love, Love, Love.'

We love you!


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