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What's Your Favorite Piece of Non-Bike Gear that Happens to Work Great on a Bike?

There's lot of talk about great bike-specific apparel shoes, bags, etc. But what are some pieces of gear that weren't originally intended for use on a bike, but work great for it anyway?

For example, I love the Kuhl Renegade pant. It happens to be meant for hiking and rock climbing, but since it's stretchy and wicks away sweat, it's my go-to for bike commuting. In the summer, I often wear the Renegade shorts for mountain biking and recreational riding:

Anyway, I'm interested to hear what people recommend.

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Snowboarding helmets are awesome for winter biking. Especially since they often have a clip for goggles. 

I also use a snowboard helmet and goggles when it's super cold.

All my clothing except the helmet, a grocery basket on my back rack and my flamingo.

I thought the flamingo was considered bike specific.

Is the flamingo the true source of your awesome photos?

That's it, I'm installing a lawn gnome.

I run a small cable from the flamingo to the camera and just sit back and watch. Voila'. 

Can we please have pictures of the flamingo and the (future) garden gnome? Otherwise, they didn't happen! ;-)

Flamingo is shown here with a new, lighted winter bonnet.

A milk crate!

You may be right.

Who has that photo of Michael Abene's Colnago with the milk crate photoshopped on it?

Hahahaha!!! :-)


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