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Share your pics, videos, streets, stories of what you find in the bike lane of the non-bike variety that has an impact on your ride and/or your safety. I've decided to keep it a little more open ended - cars, snow, buses, garbage, cabs, etc. If they shouldn't be in the bike lane, go ahead and add it to this thread. Please be safe if you are taking pics or video! :-) 

My hope is that we can collectively build some evidence of what we see when riding in the city with the overall hope of better enforcement of "bikes only" and improving maintenance. 

Update: More Hashtags to Capture Vehicles in the Bike Lane

With popular hashtags:

#LaneSpreading (Chicago Bike Selling)

#ClearTheWay (ActiveTrans), there are many options to capture violations.

We think you should use ALL of them AND post your photos on The Chainlink. ;-)

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Does this count?

Last night, around 5:30PM, I am riding home the long way from the Loop up to Rodgers Park, and then back to South Loop where that’s home.

As I am approaching the intersection of Dearborn and Chicago (one of the wonkiest AF bike / car lane intersections), I signaled to the cars I am passing that I am switching over from bike lane to bike lane. As I finally get on the bike lane to the right, and Uber that was on the left turn lane suddenly cuts over the bike lane to get on the straight lane! My front wheel and left arm made contact with the rear right passenger side of the car. I think it was a Honda Accord. I wasn’t hurt or knocked down – just annoyed. No signal, just the driver I guess following the map on his phone.

I went around to the driver side and the driver looked shaken. I yelled out a friendly “LEARN HOW TO DRIVE!!!” Him and his passengers had the “WTF?! Just happened” look on their face.


I kept riding north, and Uber was now on the far right lane, mixing in with traffic. After Oak St., I lost sight of it.


Be careful out there.

Same here. What a great way to start the year in the Kinzie bike lane as I tapped on the side of a car that was hastily merging into my path before the bridge and then getting yelled at by the clueless driver for being in the way and touching his vehicle.

20 N Desplaines St. 311 report submitted.

609 W Harrison St. 311 report submitted.

718 W Harrison St. 311 report submitted.

725 W Harrison St. 311 report submitted.

1226 S Halsted St. 311 report submitted.

1225 S Halsted St. 311 report submitted.

609 W Harrison St. 311 report submitted.

577 W Harrison St. 311 report submitted.

516/520 W Harrison St. 311 reports submitted.

382 W Harrison St. 311 report submitted.


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