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Finally had a chance to ride the Lake Front Path over the weekend and even though it's just a few short stretches, I LOVE having two separated paths. I'm guessing it's not quite done? They don't have any signage at the entry points and as you can see in the pics, a lot of people seem a little confused as to which is which. 

Sarah D. celebrating the new separate path

Me, feeling super happy about having a single-use path. As you can see, a few confused cyclists in the background, using the ped path.

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It was similar down on the south side at Jackson Park.

Ummm, I do believe the ordnance relates to buildings and building heights, not facilities that allow the public to enjoy the lakefront. So you think they should just keep the dangerous situation? Rip up all the pavement, and plant grass? Tear up the tennis courts and skateboard parks?

I'd estimate that less than 10% of the property on the lakefront is paved.

If cip had been hit or almost hit by a cyclist while enjoying nature along the Lakeshore path perhaps he would be more sympathetic to the split path plan, which, by the way, is also underway well south of 800 N. Michigan.  I am speaking as a cyclist who rides that path (carefully) 4 days a week.

Believe me Mike, I HAVE been hit by a cyclist while walking on the LFP.  She and her friend were riding too fast around a turn, and banked into my shoulder rather than slowing down.  They were weaving around pedestrians as tho we were slalom gates in a downhill ski race!

Unfortunately with even more asphalt to ride on the Lakefront, I predict average speeds of cyclists will INCREASE, resulting in even LESS safety for us all.

And BTW Argonne69, ordnance is guns, artillery and weaponry.  I suggest you learn to spell the thing before you begin lecturing about it.

cheeez, chill out clp! His device missed (1)one letter. No biggie. Lakefront Ordinance. I liked this quote from your reference article:
"Daniel Burnham believed that parks were an antidote to unrest, to overcrowding, vice, disorder and political radicalism."
Sometimes in summer, it seems to contribute to the opposite of that effect.

If I'm not mistaken they've actually ADDED landfill to the park just prior to the construction of the new trail. The new LSD master plan also calls for added landfill at Chicago and a reduction of LSD to three lanes further north adding even more parkland. 

The LFP is by far the most popular and widely used amenity of Lincoln Park (the park). The improved trail is long overdue and will allow even more people from all over the city to enjoy our beautiful lakefront!

If you are upset about Lincoln Park being paved, focus on slimming down: the zoo parking, Lake Shore Drive altogether, the parking by the tennis courts, the huge amounts of space closed to anyone not golfing on the golf course, the extreme amounts of parking by the harbors, etc. etc.

Is the pavement 10 feet from Lakeshore drive really the straw that broke the camels back?

I would love less pavement in Lincoln Park, or even Chicago in general. This is the proverbial drop in the bucket; eliminating under-utilized parking or slimming LSD would be a much better way to get your aim unless your true aim is to gripe at cyclists, not truly complain about cyclists.

Additionally, I am hopeful they finish the Navy Pier Flyby soon. This is not my favorite part of the path:

Much to close to LSD.Part of the reason I like riding the LFT is to see the lake,hear some waves and kind of relax car free. I can't hear anything but cars on the new path. 

Also if you're a 4 seasons rider like myself the snow plows angle the plows in exactly that spot.

I plan to take the park route after State street ends from Division to Fullerton or in the decreased bike riding of cooler weather I'll take the original route of the LFT.

Paths for non-motorized traffic are completely normal park features.


It is rarely necessary (or even preferable IMO) to walk on the LFP, particularly where it runs near LSD and other paths (including the breakwater) are much closer to the lake.

The separation is not completely finished. I look forward to see its final reiteration. 



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