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Finally had a chance to ride the Lake Front Path over the weekend and even though it's just a few short stretches, I LOVE having two separated paths. I'm guessing it's not quite done? They don't have any signage at the entry points and as you can see in the pics, a lot of people seem a little confused as to which is which. 

Sarah D. celebrating the new separate path

Me, feeling super happy about having a single-use path. As you can see, a few confused cyclists in the background, using the ped path.

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yes, it is a bit confusing. So going north, the left lanes are cycling only? (where you are).

have they opened the stretch from North Avenue (by the pedestrian bridge) through to Fullerton yet? because if that stretch hasn't been opened up yet there isn't really anything to indicate which is the bike lane and which is the ped lane.

the lack of signage and incomplete pavement markings is indeed an issue - i would have thought pavement markings would be made at the same time the striping was laid down. i am a little concerned at how the city has (temporarily? i hope?) terminated the bike lane just north of Theater on the Lake. there is no signage telling anyone to expect mixed traffic merging, and the path pretty much dead ends at a light pole?!

finally, speaking of confused users - i just love the runner using the striped off buffer area instead of any of the two actual lanes. i really hope this does not become the norm, although i suspect it will.

I hear you about the jogger but still so happy they nearly tripled the width of the path.

No, North to Fullerton. As of today there is one section just north of North that has to be finished. I assume they also will put some markings down before they open it up.  

I agree that they need some markings where it terminates north of the Theater. I bike it everyday so I know how it is set up but I am sure people will be confused.

It looks like the lanes furthest from the water will be the bike lanes, thankfully. They put down symbols at the start of the lane separations (southbound) at Fullerton and at Oak. Hopefully they'll put down more in between.

The stretch between Fullerton and North is not open yet (8/29), but it looks like they only need to stripe and label them. 

I'm a little confused by the middle lane in the top picture, the one to the left of the cross-striped buffer area (southbound). There are marked ped lanes to its left and marked bike lanes to its right.

i think that is supposed to be the equivalent to the crushed limestone that is on along the northbound edge of the ped lanes, and on either side of the LFT further north (in varying widths). seems to me that it would have made more sense, and done a better job of delineating the separate lanes, if the park district had installed a limestone barrier instead of just paving and striping all the way across.

but this is the city, maybe that is for the unspoken "phase 2" of the project!

There is still maybe 30 feet of path that has to be paved. Assume it will be done this week.

Sorry folks.  As a Lincoln Park resident for many years, I'm dedicated to keeping the 'park' in Lincoln Park.  Widening that LFP with twice as much asphalt is contrary to the Lakefront Ordinance.  And also contrary to anyone that goes to the Lake to commune with Nature on her grandest scale.  While I appreciate that Ken C. Griffin wants an open bike path from his home at 800 N Michigan Av, I don't appreciate his usurping our Lakefront, which has been 'free and clear' for over one hundred years!

What's next? A third path for horses, reestablishing the bridle path from which the LFP was carved 50 years ago?   Or a separate path for dogs?  For baby carriages?   For old folks on walkers and wheelchairs?  For ebikes and golf carts?

Was that a "get off of my lawn!!!"?

More? YES please! So much of it is concrete. So there's that. 

Are there plans to establish a new nature preserve in conjunction with the additional trails, like on the south end? That would be nice.

Despite the congestion of the path as it existed, I'm sympathetic to this point about adding asphalt on the lakefront.

They should compensate by removing some parking. :)

Nice thought Alex!   I agree.   

And to see how far we have come, look at this photo of the LFP AND LSD side-by-side at Fullerton, 112 years ago!  Look at all the parkland immediately to the west of the carriages on the unpaved bridle path!   Is Ken C. Griffin a modern-day Potter Palmer? 


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