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I rode to work this morning and it seems like I'll have a damp ride home.  I heard there was a chance of rain this afternoon, but I decided to risk it. So my question to you: What % chance of rain keeps you off your bike?  And who do you trust for weather predictions?

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Anything over 100%. :-)

Just buy some good rain gear and waterproof boots and you'll be fine. I personally recommend Keen boots and Showers Pass gear. Oh, and make sure to wear a cycling cap to keep the rain out of your eyes.


Rain Pants

Rain Jacket

Yep, anything over 100%.  You can't trust any weather forecaster--I think they are all over 30 years old.  I have planned for rain and had none and not planned for rain and gotten wet.  Now that it is colder and I don't want to be wet, I look at the weather maps myself, Skilling and the Weather Channel, and decide to err on the side of bringing/wearing rain gear if there is any reasonable probability of rain.  If I don't need it, I can always put the gear in my pannier.

I generally only use the forecast to know whether or not I should bring my rain gear. I use a great short-term rain forecasting iPhone app called Dark Sky. Oh, and a good waterproof bag or pannier is a must. I love my Mission Workshop bags – I own the Rummy messenger bag and Vandal backback.

Same boat...I'll ride no matter what the chance is. 

I have a rain jacket and pack able pants that I bring on days with any chance of rain. I also wear my waterproof gloves that I use for my motorcycle.

Make sure you have your bike lights!

Depends on how far and how much rain, temps too.

On my TO work I would prefer to be dry but on the way home as long as it's not 38 and I have my rain coat I'll do it, I've ridden home in sleet, snow, dark of night... 

Besides you can usually catch a bus to throw the bike on or train as long as you have off peak.

WGN has a weather app for smart phones the forecast is is not a concern when you can pull up radar to help make your decision.

Pretty much over 100% for me too, unless I'm also sick.

That's a tough one.  I've learned to not trust the weather forecast, but if I'm going for a ride, bring gear in case it does rain.

Me too. That is, I'll ride regardless of the rain or lack thereof. I do however keep an eye on the weather radar if I'm online and I've been known to put off or hurry a departure if it looks like doing so will help me miss some rain.

A couple of weeks ago I got a Marmot Oracle jacket, which has proven to be quite rain-proof. It might not hold up in a hurricane, but for commuting it is pretty great. It is nice and light and it has pit zips and venting pockets. It also sports a pretty decent removable hood. It hangs better and thanks to the removable hood mostly, it looks better than the REI Taku that it replaced.

My Ortleibs have never let me down and unless you submerge them, are completely waterproof. 

I would like to get some kind of rain-chaps as have been discussed here before. I'm done with rain pants as the sweat they induce gets me just as wet as the rain might have.

I knew I wouldn't be the only one that wanted cycling chaps for rainy days.

Tony Adams said:

I would like to get some kind of rain-chaps as have been discussed here before. I'm done with rain pants as the sweat they induce gets me just as wet as the rain might have.

Rain doesn't keep me away.  It's the wind forecast that I stalk online.  Anything over 30mph, I force myself onto the CTA.

I hate to admit it, but I'm part cat when it comes to riding in the rain. I hate it. Even if I'm wearing rain gear, I hate it.

If I'm commuting, I generally won't ride if I'm fairly confident it will do anything more than very lightly mist while I'm riding. Sometimes it ends up raining anyway, and I'll ride through it sometimes, or take the CTA other times.

If I'm riding for pleasure, I'll usually ride, unless it's a thunderstorm.

The way I see it, trusting the forecast is like trusting that you won't be hit by a car.



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