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I thought others might be interested to hear...

Thursday, a little after noon, around Clinton and Randolph, a guy noticed someone cutting a cable lock in front of my office building with some very small handheld clippers (with another guy helping him). The passer-by called the cops and they were quick to respond. I came out when they were interviewing the two guys. They were both wearing messenger gear. The one cutting the lock produced an expired messenger ID, was wearing a messenger company t-shirt, had a messenger bag with a clipboard for package dropoff signatures and locations. He claimed he lost his key on his last package delivery, and didn't want to cut his lock, but had to get back to work. The police took the bike serial number, but had no proof it wasn't his. There didn't appear to make any effort to verify he worked for the company. They were just going to let him go...until the owner of the bike came out and asked what was going on. They then cuffed both of them and took them away. By the time it was over, like 7 cops were there. Very good response for a bike theft. A co-worker of mine reported he saw another group of "messengers" around the corner, with no bikes and no packages...just walking around. 

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Wow, I'm glad they got them.   Quick response and reaction from a bystander made the difference.


I forgot my key, but I did remember my cutters


Michael A said:

I forgot my key, but I did remember my cutters

Thank god the owner showed up. No victim, and no crime until that happens.

Would love to get hold of pictures of these guys.  info (at) if anyone wants to send anonymously.



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