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WAZE app results in clogging of secondary and residential streets

Anyone seeing an uptick in congestion on their normally quiet routes? I was surprised at the amount of traffic on 16th earlier, but I rarely see it during rush hour.

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The madness at Elston and Magnolia has rendered the "protected" bike lane nearly useless. There is no other reason than some traffic app trying to be clever.

I've noticed an increase in traffic on 96th St., especially when 95th (with its many stoplights) gets congested. Too many of these drivers are failing to yield to peds and bikes at 4-way stops. Charming.

Similarly, I'm seeing more drivers detouring from 95th to 99th west of Western. It was noticeable before a big construction project on 95th. Now it's turned 99th (formerly pleasant) into one big clog.


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