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I'm a college kid on a tight budget looking for a relatively quiet trainer (I'm on a 3rd floor apartment) I could borrow or purchase for the winter, at least. Hoping to join up with my school's cycling team in the spring, and having a trainer could be a game changer for me. I'm even willing to pay a refundable deposit if someone wants to lend me theirs. If you or anyone you know isn't using theirs or has an extra, please message me or post here. Thanks so much!

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I have an old set of Performance rollers with magnetic resistance. If you want them, they're yours.

I've just started using rollers, and I think they are quieter than most trainers I've tried in the past.


Nice offer, Kevin!

i have an old flywheel/air resistance trainer collecting dust that you can have, but it's not exactly quiet. 

you'd do better to take Kevin C up on his offer.

Kevin - this is very generous of you! I'd love to take you up on this. Do you mind sending me a private message with your location? Thanks! Day. Made.



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