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Want to serve the homeless? I need help Sat. Nov. 17th to cook and serve at Southwest Chicago Pads.


I'm part of a team that makes a dinner and serves homeless guests at Southwest Chicago Pads (3121 w. 71st St.) We are a team that serves the 4th Sat. of every month, but this month we are pressed into service on the 3rd Sat. and we are short of help. Are there any chainlink'rs that might be interested in helping? We are planning a fairly simple dinner of sloppy joes, mac and cheese, salad and desert but also help with clothes and blankets etc. Anyone have that Thanksgiving spirit? Willing to give a small rag tag team a hand? If so, please contact me. Thanks, Ken

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Sorry for the BUMP, but it's for a good cause. Ken

Ken - I can't help, but this reminds me of when we volunteered at the Night Ministry serving food to the homeless in Lakeview.  We did all our shopping by bike. 

What time Saturday?

I'm already triple-booked on Saturday but would have committed otherwise (I think the California bus would drop me within an easy walk.) Thanks for doing this and hope you find a few more.  Why does so much always get packed into this time of year?

Ken, what time?  I would have to check with the husband.

Thanks for the replys and support. We open the site at 5:00 PM and serve at about 6:00. Generally all done at around 8:30. We cook off site for the most part and aim for enough to serve 35 people. If there is enough food we eat right along with the guests. It's fast and fun and you would (any and all of you) be welcome to help. Thanks for even asking about it. Ken



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