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Somewhere in the house is a snowglobe of the car dealers, Celossi-Edelson (spelling?) with dollar bills floating about instead of glitter.  It symbolizes how pervasive car culture is to me - from little kids in plastic shopping carts turned into cars to moms pushing plastic strollers-turned-cars.  NOW, what if bicycles (and their imagery) were as wide spread?  Instead of a television commercial of young women admiring the guy in the car - it's a bicycle?  Or the fashionable person in a film, stops and locks up their bike (instead of the mysterious empty parking space for their car in front of their New York apartment -where'd they find that space?).

So, I'm proposing a collection, a virtual bicycle culture museum - more than posters, more than bicycle maps, but bicycle imagery in daily life (I've seen a bicycle tie and a bicycle/dog walking onezie).  

Back in 1973 I was in Belgium traveling with my cousins in a VW van.  In a shop window was a cardboard card with several little plastic bicycles and riders, under plastic bubble packaging.  I'm still kicking myself for not buying (and keeping) it.  But that's how you can change the culture, one tie, one toy at a time.

I am not very computer/storage savvy, so this project would need some help.

Nancy L. Fagin




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