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Any coming up in Chicago?

Pedal hard my friends,


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Sign me up then. Seriously, who do I talk to?

It's not just the damage to the turf (which isn't significant imo), it's the reaction from the joggers, dog walkers, sports practices, etc. 

Chase C said:

Are bandit cross races generally tough on Parks?
I'm asking because I'm interested in participating in something along the lines of a bandit cross race, but I'd rather not give cyclists a bad name for tearing up parks.
I would assume that a couple dozen people riding on a combination of park trails and off-road wouldn't have too much of an environmental impact. 

Blatherskate said:

What about "bandit cross"?

I guess the only victims there are the Chicago Public Parks themselves...

A couple teams have open practices. Check the bonebell and chicrosscup for more info. 

Chase C said:

Sign me up then. Seriously, who do I talk to?

These gals generally know what's up: 

I'm no preacher, but maybe read this:



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