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Just got this in an email at work:

"In response to traffic and safety concerns for the bicycle lanes along Halsted Street, effective Sunday the following changes will be made to the UIC Shuttle Service:


Intracampus Shuttle and Intracampus Evening/Weekend/Holiday Shuttle:


Stop E, on the west side of Halsted, north of Roosevelt Road, will be relocated around the corner onto Roosevelt, approximately 125 feet west of Halsted.



East Side Shuttle:


The East Side Shuttle will no longer stop at Stop E."

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Nice move. But I wonder if it's in response to something "happening."

I bet out friend on the UIC Police could answer that. 

They're doing work on the bridge that goes past the UIC Halsted blue line stop over there. The bike lane is effectively eliminated over that bridge and it is rather treacherous. 

Roland, I think that is Jackson and Halsted.  It sounds like the shuttle's Roosevelt stop is being moved off Halsted and onto Roosevelt.  Yeah good riddance!  The bus stops right at the corner impeding a lot of car traffic as well.  So hopefully that is a permanent change. 

I've been taking Peoria to get over the expressway even before the construction. It's technically riding on the sidewalk over the bridge but I'm slow and careful. I prefer to take Peoria and Green from UIC to Milwaukee anyway since they're calmer and less risk of dooring than Halsted through Greektown. It also saves me from riding the pothole ridden bridge on Halsted over the Kennedy. 


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