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Hi all. I'm trying to find who made my old racing bike, it has Reynolds 531 tubing, Shimano 'Titelist' 6 speed, Sugino Maxy crank, Normandy alloy wheels which I think are dated 1977 from the code on the hubs. Fitted with Weinmann centrepulls with extra 'safety levers'. Frame serial number 63169. Would love to know who made it or where to find out! Possibly Falcon? Cheers

Bought cheaply in the UK a few days ago - I imagine it's a relatively low-end entry level machine from the 1970s but it's frustrating not knowing the original manufacturer.  The man I bought if from said it originally had a glued-on badge on the front tube which had come off some years ago.   No decals or stickers on the frame apart from a worn but still visible Reynolds 531 sticker on seat tube.

I imagine some of the components it has, listed above may have been changed over the years but they might give a clue as to who made it?  Any help gratefully received! 


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I'm gonna agree with Mike. That looks very Raleigh Gran Sport or Gran Prix.

If it was a raleigh it would have had a head tube badge or at least the holes from where one once lived.

Good call Michael. Possibly a Raleigh made Rampar? They glued the headbadges. That seat stay/seat tube wrap is pretty distinctive. Although I can't say I've seen or noticed it on Rampar branded bikes.

The Ralieghs tend to have sharper, more distinctive, cuts on the lugs. Especially frames built with 531.

There's no sign of holes for a head tube badge, either still there or filled.


My gut feel after looking at photos of other bikes with the wraparound seat stays, and because of the components fitted, is that the odds are slightly in favour of it being a Falcon - despite what Kevin says above.  Maybe this is an older one than the one he had?  But I'll keep looking and will keep an open mind.   I was hoping the serial number on the bottom bracket would help (see photo).   Thanks for all  the replies, much appreciated!

Looks like a Falcon - here's a website with good photos of one from the era:   

Thought too of Nishiki which had wraparound seat stays but they used Tange tubing. The Sugino/Shimano pointed at a Japanese make, but the 531 and the site above look like they seal it. Good pics of seatstay wrap and the headbadge. I guess that Falcon had the serial numbers under the bottom bracket according to

So, what is it?

Many thanks Allen - that's great to find a photo that's so similar.  I think that may clinch it as you say, and I certainly hope it could be a Falcon.  By pure chance I discovered a relation of a friend used to work at the Falcon works and will have contacts there who should be able to verify whether it is indeed a Falcon as we suspect.  Will let you know the outcome .... thanks again, much appreciated.



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