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Hi all. I'm trying to find who made my old racing bike, it has Reynolds 531 tubing, Shimano 'Titelist' 6 speed, Sugino Maxy crank, Normandy alloy wheels which I think are dated 1977 from the code on the hubs. Fitted with Weinmann centrepulls with extra 'safety levers'. Frame serial number 63169. Would love to know who made it or where to find out! Possibly Falcon? Cheers

Bought cheaply in the UK a few days ago - I imagine it's a relatively low-end entry level machine from the 1970s but it's frustrating not knowing the original manufacturer.  The man I bought if from said it originally had a glued-on badge on the front tube which had come off some years ago.   No decals or stickers on the frame apart from a worn but still visible Reynolds 531 sticker on seat tube.

I imagine some of the components it has, listed above may have been changed over the years but they might give a clue as to who made it?  Any help gratefully received! 


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I'd recommend uploading a picture so we can try to help you....

Reynolds 531 is a desirable tube set.  Pictures would help, but here's hoping you've got more than an entry-level bike.

Glued on headbadge?  Motobecane or Peugeot comes to mind.

There is no such thing as a "low-end" entry-level 531-Reynolds frame.    Such bikes used lesser tubing as it has never been cheap using 531.

Perhaps the C&V forum at might yield more experts on the subject. 

Plenty of lower-end Lamborghinis have the low-end "Budget"  engine that only makes 500hp.

Your definition of Low-end and my definition of Low-end are not on the same sheet of paper. 

Low-end = Huffy.

Michael B is right, 531 does not immediately indicate high end anything; especially as time went on and it's distribution was not as restricted as it was when it first came out.

The big deciding factor is if it is straight gauge or butted tubing and if it is the stays and forks as well as the main triangle followed by the lugs and quality of workmanship/finish on said lugs.

That said if it is 531 it is no junker but that still does not mean it is above middle of the road.

Many thanks to all for the replies.  Julie, I'll try to upload photos of the bike in the next couple of days.  Can anyone tell me how I can easily tell if it's straight-gauge, single or double-butted. eg can you tell by the sound if you tap it?  The Reynolds 531 sticker is there, but half worn off.   Only on the seat tube, no stickers on the forks etc, but I guess it could have worn off.  The lugs have triangular extensions but I would not describe them as particularly elaborate.   My main hope is the frame serial number might give a clue - it's partly obscured (I assume from the frame being resprayed at some time in its life) but I think it reads 63169.  It's stamped on the bottom bracket, numbers are upright when standing at the back of the bike looking towards the front/downtube.   Possibly Number 169 in the year 1963?  Although most of the components seem to date from mid/late 1970s.   Thanks again!   Photos to follow when I get a moment.

Photos added on my member page - do the photos give any clue to manufacturer?  My best guess from components is that the frame dates from mid to late 1970s.   Reynolds 531 tubing - are the lugs distinctive of any particular manufacturer?  Would love to know the maker!  Cheers, Pete.  The "Williams" sticker on the seat tube below the Reynolds sticker, is the dealership who sold on the bike nearly 20 years ago - as far as I know they won't have a record of the original frame maker even if they knew it at the time.

I have a Raleigh Gran Sport that has a wraparound lug like on your bike.  It's also 531.  The Sugino Super Maxy crank was a common upgrade for people who wanted to swap out their stock cottered cranks back in those times.

Those are seriously weird lugs where the top tube and down tube meet the head tube. They appear to be merely welded onto the surface of the head tube. Does not appear to be a high end 531 frame. I had a late 70's/early 80's Falcon. It's not a Falcon frame.

I'm gonna agree with Mike. That looks very Raleigh Gran Sport or Gran Prix.

If it was a raleigh it would have had a head tube badge or at least the holes from where one once lived.


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